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Blocked Drains Kent

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You may have noticed that your toilet is not flushing properly or the water from your sink or hand basin is not discharging or discharging slowly. You may have also noticed that the area around the manhole cover is often wet and there is a bad odour. The chances are you have a leaking drain or a blocked drain. This should not be ignored and you should call Simple Eco without delay.

We have specialised vehicles in Kent and the surrounding areas, each with very powerful jet-washing and de-scaling equipment to quickly clear blocked drains. The most up to date CCTV drain survey cameras are used to carry out an in-depth drain survey inside the pipes. This will highlight any defects like blocked pipes, cracked pipes and leaks within the drainage system that may need attention and repairs can be carried out immediately. A detailed written report will be issued, together with a dvd and our estimate for carrying out repairs.


Drain Repair

drain repair dorsetIn most cases leaking drains can be repaired in one day by installing a structural resin drain liner within the pipes. The drain liner is coated in resin and inserted into the damaged pipe by our experienced technicians who then insert an inflator tube, which remains in place until the resin drain liner has cured. The tube is then removed and the pipe is left with a very strong and resilient drain liner, in the process saving hundreds of pounds by not having to excavate and replace drains.

On occasion, when a drain has collapsed, there may be no choice but for us to excavate and replace the damaged drain. We can also build new inspection chambers, soak-aways and gullies. Whatever the problem Simple Eco will solve it.

In many cases, problems with leaking drains or blocked drains may be covered by your home insurance and if you wish, we will deal with your insurance company or loss adjuster for you.

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